Shopping can sometimes become hectic and confusing. Together with the traffic in Kathmandu and being held up with work, it’s hard to go around the city to shop. We have come up with the Best 6 Stores to Shop from in Kathmandu, the March 2022 edition. 

Nepali brands have a lot to offer and with new innovative products and quality getting better, we have growing choices right here at home. We have shortlisted the top 6 stores to shop from to take away your confusion. Additionally, all of these stores use ZAPP as their delivery partner, and this means you get the product delivered to you fast. 

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Zapp Today is a delivery service in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a tech-based service company, which means using tech to operate and deliver anything in Kathmandu. We have been in operation since 2020 and have been working with hundreds of brands to help them deliver their products on the same day. 

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Let’s get straight to the point now, and give you the list of brands that you can choose your next buy from. 

Top 6 Stores In Kathmandu To Shop

The Local Project

A shop, gallery, and online platform for native and indigenous craftsmanship. We curate conscious brands and start-ups dedicated to sustainable and ethical production. We aspire for fair working conditions, empowerment of women and socially excluded people, and support the concept of upcycling and the use of natural materials.

  • Location: 
    • TLP Nepal – Jhamsikhel
      • Located inside Evoke Cafe Premises
      • Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur
      • Phone: +977 9801910788
      • Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 7:00 pm
    • TLP Nepal – Maharajgunj
      • Located inside Le Sherpa Restaurant (Opposite of Presidents House)
      • Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
      • Phone: +977 9801910799
      • Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 7:00 pm
      • Saturday : 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Meraki Nepal

Meraki Nepal is a locally handcrafted Jewelry where a lot of energy is channeled into small details which reflects our commitment to Craftsmanship. “Handcrafted with Soul ” it’s just not a motto but it’s something we live by. With jewelry being such a personal and symbolic purchase, we try to add that Nepali hint to our designs. It’s not just a purchase that someone is making, it’s about emotions, the feeling of being connected to the roots of Country. It has been running for almost 6 years now and offers a wide range of variety within affordable price ranges and elements like Gold, Brass, and Silver. Our designs are a mixture of unexpected contemporary aesthetics and traditional cuts and mountings which generates a surprising contrast, which is what makes Meraki different.


Born in Nepal, Alapino retails elevated everyday essentials for her. It primarily focuses on business casuals that are of premium quality at an accessible price.


Eco-Sathi Nepal, the name translates as Eco-friendly Nepal.  We were built on a strong belief that we as an organization have the power to create a more sustainable and harmonious Nepal. We know that awareness about the environment and climate change is very important. But, without affordable and earth-friendly alternatives people cannot make conscious choices.
Eco-Sathi Nepal is a lifestyle brand that mainly focuses on offering Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. We want to inspire and encourage people to make conscious and sustainable choices. We want to make people realize the power they have as a customer to make a difference in the world that they live in. From our social media pages, we want to encourage and educate on how to live more consciously. Even a small act of sustainable choice goes a long way when it comes to protecting mother Earth.
We live in a beautiful country  Nepal and it’s full of nature, so giving back to the country that gave so much more back to us is another motivation. Some portion of our income will always be donated to the organization working towards saving the environment. We believe in the strong power of collaboration with Nepalese brands and businesses to join hands in fulfilling the mission of having a cleaner, plastic-free, and greener Nepal.
We Eco-Sathi invite everyone, whether you are new to this conscious community or already living a sustainable lifestyle to come together with you valuable suggestions, ideas, and comments. This will guide us further to achieve our mission. Let’s go zero waste Nepal.

  • Location: Online Shop – Order Through Instagram

Rays And Nuts 

Rays & Nuts caters butter to people of all ages. Rays & Nuts is a very well perceived nut butter brand in Kathmandu. Regardless of age, it’s gotten positive feedback from everyone in the valley. People realizing the taste of real nut butter without sugar is one of the most rewarding feelings our customers get. We are there every Saturday at farmer’s markets and we are lucky to be introduced to people that have made Nepal their home away from home. Seeing their excitement for ginger and cinnamon-spiced flavors in whole food treats brought much satisfaction to us and motivated us to be more creative and play around with different delicious flavors.
We have been in the market a little more than a year and we are still building the brand with the regulars, who have been so kind to bring us their friends and family that have become new additions to our family.
We hope you enjoy our nut butter with different flavors and we hope to extend our nut butter line to a new extent in the future.

  • Location: Online Shop – Order Through Instagram

Miir Jewelry

Miir Jewelry is an exclusive jewelry brand designed and handcrafted in Nepal. This auspicious brand has a very peculiar style and has a classic modern twist to every design they make.

  • Location: Online Shop – Order Through Instagram

These are the top 6 picks for the month of March and we have a whole lot more we want to tell you about. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates right to your inbox. 

We at ZAPP want to enable brands like these to be able to focus on their business and sell their products, while we take care of the delivery. Zapp is a delivery service in Kathmandu, Nepal; we deliver packages for businesses and personal. 

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