We understand terms & conditions are long and boring to read, so we have made it simple and short for you to read. However, our longer terms and condition are still applicable and available for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are always here to help you.

Updated: July 12, 2021


  • Time: Our operation time is from 10 am till 6 pm from Sunday through Friday. 
  • For pick up our wait time is 45 mins to one hour depending on the situation and for our last pick up, the timing for products is 5 pm and for bakeries, it’s 4 pm. 
  • We are closed on Saturdays as of now.
  • Delays in orders due to rainfall, traffic, or any external factors are expected and shall be informed to the customers accordingly via our Viber Community. Join Our Community Today: https://bit.ly/ZAPPonVIBER 
    • Customers are requested to follow our social media accounts as well as Viber Community accounts to get constant information regarding any changes in delivery and notices from the company.
  • Zapp will only be delivering packages that fit in our delivery bag and anything large or heavy needs to be first discussed with the company before placing an order.


  • All orders have to be placed through the ZAPP TODAY app, to ensure the safety of your packages. 
  • The package details section needs to have all the details of the package. For example, if you are sending 2 sets of keys to be delivered, please mention “2 Sets of Keys” or if you are sending 1 cake and 1 box of donuts, please mention “1 Cake and 1 Box Of Donuts”.
  • Customers are requested not to contact the driver directly in order to ensure their safety while they are driving. Additionally, for any orders placed with our drivers and not through the ZAPP TODAY app, ZAPP will not be responsible. 
  • Customers are requested to place the orders keeping in mind the exact location for pick up and drop off. Also, the package details are to be mentioned properly with the proper size and weight of the package. Any changes to be made are to be informed to the office and might incur extra cost.
  • Any issues with the driver or the customer are to be discussed with the office directly and not with the driver.
  • The company is not liable for any damages to the packages upon delivery. The drivers are clearly instructed not to open the packages once received and to deliver it as in the condition it was picked up. 
  • For any mishandling of the items/ loss of the package, the company shall investigate thoroughly and take actions as per the situation. Customers shall be kept in the loop during the investigation.

Return Terms:

  • In case of a return, the company shall first clarify the matter with the customers and charge as per the situation. The cost of any packages to be returned which has reached the delivery place already will be the same as mentioned in the app. 
    • Example: Delivery Charge: Rs. 100 + Return Charge: Rs. 100 = Total Rs. 200
  • The cost of those packages that are to be returned once picked up but have not reached the delivery location will be 50% of the original delivery charge. 
    • Example: Delivery Charge: Rs. 100 + Return Charge: Rs. 50 = Total Rs. 150

Cancellation Terms:

  • Orders that are to be canceled are to be informed to the office directly. Those packages that are picked up already and are to be canceled will incur a 50% charge of the original delivery charge. Upon cancellation, the packages may not be returned on the same day and might only be returned on the next working day.

Cash on Delivery (COD) Terms: 

  • The company takes full responsibility for the cod amounts for their customers. The repayment of the COD will be done via eSewa or bank transfer within 2-3 working days or upon request from the customer. The unique order id is to be provided to the company every time for request of repayment.  

On Hold Terms: 

  • The packages once picked up might be kept on hold due to numerous reasons such as the receiver not available or the call not being answered. We shall only hold the package for a maximum of 24 hours and still in case the package is still not delivered it shall be returned to the vendor with a 50% charge.