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Learn about On-Demand and Multi-stop Deliveries

ZAPP’s On-Demand service is the fastest way to deliver your packages within Kathmandu Valley. With On-Demand delivery, our customers are able to choose a pickup location and one delivery location. Once the order has been placed the driver will accept the order and come for the pickup. Once the package has been picked up, they will call the person at the delivery location and confirm the location.

Our customers who have placed the orders in the app are able to check the status of the delivery right from the app. Additionally, in the activity section, customers are able to check the history of their delivery orders with ZAPP.

Get ready to deliver your packages with ZAPP TODAY. With the mobile app, we want to make it as easy as possible to deliver your packages fast and safe to your desiered location.

With Kathmandu being one of the most populated and metropolitan cities in the country, there is no better alternative way to deliver packages through traffic and save time, than using ZAPP TODAY.

ZAPP TODAY Delivery Service gives users a reliable way to pick up and deliver things at the push of a button, through the app. Let us know the details and you’ll have a ZAPP driver in no time to pick up and deliver your package. You also have access to ZAPP’s highly complimented customer service, all you have to do is message or call us and we’ll be at your service right away. To place your orders with ZAPP all you have to do is download our app from www.zapp.today/download, register your account, and start to deliver.


  1. Click on the On-Demand icon to request a new delivery.
  2. Click Select Pickup Location.
  3. Select the pickup location for the package to be picked.
  4. Fill in the necessary details then, click Continue.
  5. Click Select Drop Location after the pickup location process is completed. (This allows customers to select the drop location for the package to be delivered.)
  6. Now fill in the item Delivery details. Click Done to proceed.
  7. Fill in the Recipient’s Information, then click Continue to proceed further.
  8. Once everything is completed, click Continue for the payment process.
  9. Now choose either eSewa or Cash for the payment option. Paid By denotes the person that will pay the total delivery fare amount, who can either be the Recipient or the Sender.
  10. If customers are paying via an eSewa account, then customers need to sign in to their eSewa account and make the payment. After choosing payment mode, Click ZAPP IT to complete the process. And if cash, click on cash and click ZAPP IT.
  11. Zapp Rider will be dispatched after you’ve placed an order.

ZAPP’s Multi-stop delivery service is mainly focused for businesses where there are multiple orders and delivery location and the pick up location is the same. Hence, we added the Multi-stop service on our app for the easy of getting many packages delivered from one order. 

With Multi-stop deliveries, you are able to place one order with a minimum of 3 and up to 8 deliveries. 

Placing orders on the ZAPP TODAY App is simple and easy. With two different services, On-Demand and Multi-stop on our mobile app On-Demand deliveries are faster and from on pick up location to one delivery location. Whereas for the Multi-stop deliveries, its one pick up location and from three to eight delivery locations. This is mainly focusing on our business partners that have multiple orders at a time. If you want to know how to place orders for on demand, we have a short tutorial for it as well.

Step 1: Download App

  • If you haven’t downloaded our app then please download it right now from our download page: www.zapp.today/download. If you have an account with us already, you can skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Register

  • It’s as simple as login into any other mobile app, please fill in the form on the registration form and you will receive a verification code message.

Step 3: Tap On Multi-stop

  • After you tap on the Multi-stop button, please note that all Multi-stop deliveries require from three to eight deliveries in one order. You can press ‘Continue’ on our notification.

Step 4: Select Pick Up Location

  • Search for the pick up location or use our ‘Select Via Map’ feature to set the pick up location. After you have selected the address, you will be asked to to ‘Continue’ where you have to input the Sender’s Information.
  • On this screen, you can also select the ‘Schedule’ feature to schedule deliveries for later.

Step 5: Select Drop Location

  • Search for the delivery location or use our ‘Select Via Map’ feature to set the delivery location. You will then be asked for the Recipient’s Information, where you can fill in the details so that our ZAPP Heroes can call the person while delivering.

Step 6: Delivery Details

  • In this step, we require you to give us details of the package. This way, our drivers and staffs at the ZAPPHQ know what the package is and send the right driver for you.
  • You need to fill in the following information:
    • Package Details – description of the package
    • Package Category
    • Package Weight
    • Package Size
    • Package Amount (Optional) – Please state the amount in NPR if the driver has to collect cash while delivering your package.

Step 7: Add Drop Location

  • You can tap on the ‘Add Drop Location’ on the screen to add another delivery location.
  • Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you have placed deliveries from three to eight deliveries.

Step 8: Payment Page

  • To make it easier, we have integrated eSewa directly on our app so you are able to pay for the deliveries.
  • Choose either you would like to pay via eSewa or Cash.
  • For deliveries charges for Multi-stop, only the sender option is available for the payment.
  • Tap on the “ZAPP IT” button to place the delivery order.

Learn about ZAPP TODAY from frequently asked question

The ZAPP Today App is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can search for “ZAPP TODAY” on either of the app stores and download the app. Please download the ZAPP TODAY App and not the ZAPP Driver App. 

Our ZAPP TODAY App charges according to the distance from the pick up location to the delivery location. Additionally, the weight and size of the package also is accountable to the delivery charge. You are able to check the price of each delivery before you make a booking with us on the app. 

Yes. We do Cash On Delivery (COD) for all our customers. Please let us know the amount in the “Package Amount” section on the app while placing your orders.

All our Cash On Delivery payments are upon request. Please message us with your Order ID and the details to your e-Sewa or Bank account details and we will get transfer it within the end of next business day. 

Additionally, we do provide Bank Transfers. However, there will be a minimum charge for the transfer. We charge only what the bank charges us. 

We are always happy to connect and promote brands that we deliver for. Get in touch with us and we will get let you know the process.

If the package is more than 8KGs, please do contact our customer support staff and we would be able to assist you further. If we are able to deliver your package, then our support team will give you all the information. 

If you package is bigger than the Large size quoted above, our riders would not be able to deliver the package.

We are improving our wait time as we grow as a company. When we started in August 2020, our orders had to be placed a day before. When we launched our app in January 2021, our wait time was more than 4 hours. Finally our wait time is up to one hour. 

We have made the cancellation process simple. You can do to the order details on our app and at the bottom of the page you can tap on the ‘Cancel’ button. You will get an option to either call us or email us for cancellation. 

Refunds are also easy as cancellation. You can use our live chat on the website and send us the Delivery ID. Our team will process the refunds and send you the refund amount in your eSewa account. 

There are times when customers cancel the order or return them after seeing the package. 

  1. If the driver has reached the delivery location, then the return charges will be charged as per the same as the delivery charge. 
  2. If the driver has not reached the delivery location and the order was cancelled, we will charge an additional 50% of the delivery charge. 

Zapp Today App is available for all devices

* Available on ios and Android devices